Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Raw food chocolate balls // nyttiga raw food choklad bollar // raw food bolas de chocolate

I like to have some treats at home, and the healthier the better. If there are some sweets or chocolates at home I will eat it, so its better to just completely avoid it. I'm the most hungry when I come home from work, and then these raw food chocolate balls are perfect to have prepared in the fridge. Its enough with 1 or 2, while preparing the dinner.

Ensure that you use the exact ingredients, and use quite mild nuts. I used some salty peanuts mixed with other nuts and that is not to recommend. Also I used dry date plums and it got way to dry and sweet, use fresh ones. 

Ingredients (12 balls):

12 fresh date plums // färska dadlar // fechas
2 DL mixed  natural nuts // nötter // nueces
1 tablespoon coconut oil //  kokos fett/olja // aceite de coco
2 tablespoons raw cocoa // raw kakao //
1 tablespoon espresso //espresso //espresso
shredded coconut // kokosflingor // copos de coco

How to do it:

Put all the nuts in the blender and mix until they become fine like flour.

Add all the other ingredients and mix completely. Shape small balls and turn them in the shredded coconut. Put in the fridge for one hour. Ready! Store them in the fridge, they last about one week.

    Mix the nuts
     After you have added the rest of the ingredients and mixed again it will look like this
    Shape small balls and cover them in coconut


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