Saturday, February 6, 2016

Typical Mexican food market // marknad mexico city

Mexico city is full of street food and food markets. Lets go for a walk into a local market close to the area La Condesa.

This specific market had pink plastic as cover so everything looks like a pink dream :)

The pomegranate was so big and beautiful, complete different than the ones in Europe!

Then it was time for some shopping, actually for the Mexican black corn.

Me, as a swede, had a really hard time to understand the greatness of this black corn, Its not only black by itself its covered with fungus... So something that would destroy the corn is considered a true delicatesse, "the truffle of Mexico". I found an interesting article here that describes this more. Pat loves is, I couldn't stand it...

The food markets often offers some light meals on the go or to sit down for a moment and eat it there. This was a truly classical, normal market with a true feeling of the local life in Mexico City.

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