Thursday, April 30, 2015

No stress Africa

No stress, we are repeating that to our self. In Africa it came so natural, but this week have been quite hectic, but yet fantastic! One excellent news is that our Head Chef got a new job and will join a fantastic team in mid May at a new restaurant! 

Here in Sweden a long weekend is coming up - no stress - just enjoy! So stay tuned for some travelingfooding updates,  we have millions to pictures to share! 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Snapshot from Pont en Royance, France


Make your favourite cup of coffee or tea, relax and feel the calm on this Saturday in late April.

This picture is taken in Pont en Royance, a small village in south of France. I walked the alleys of the village and passed this lovely old man, dressed very neatly, and he was smiling, he was relaxed.

He stood in the opening of his door, I gave him a smile back, we exchanged no words but our smiles was a silent greeting.

I continued walking and I heard voices behind me, the old man stopped 4 others, for a conversation. Obviously he knew that I, in my leather jacket and converse was not likely someone that was speaking French, so the smile was sufficient to spread his positive energy. But the group of 4 was French so he invited them for a conversation.

I don't know what he was telling them, but they stayed for a while. Often there is a charm in the unknown, what you don't understand.

Be curious, pay attanetion to the small events in life, they will become big memories for you.
I like this picture, capturing the unknown, the man nicely dressed, talking to strangers in this classic French village, this picture in France in a nutshell.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Easy salmon and spinach pasta // enkel lax och spenat pasta // pasta salmon facil

A super fast pasta recipe that are perfect to make anytime during the day when you are hungry, for just you or for many, put the amount of the ingredients as you wish! Perfect dish to make during he weekend when you need something fast.

Recipe for 2:
2 file of salmon // laxfileer // filete de salmon
sunflower Oil // rapsolja // aceite normal
6 garlic cloves // vitlöksklyftor // dientes de ajo
Spinach leafs // spenatblad // hojas de espinacas
green soybeans // gröna sojabönor //soja habichuela

If you wish salmon, put the files in a pan and fry them on both sides. Put spices as you wish, we used salt, pepper, red pepper powder and garlic powder. You can frie them completely in the pan or put them in the oven in the end.

Slice the garlics in thin slices, heat the oil (not too warm!)  in the pan and put the garlics there for a while. Then add the spinach, stir around until the spinach is warm and then add the beans. Now you can add your pasta and mix everything.
Slice the garlic and prepare the ingredients you want to have in addition to the garlic

Heat the oil and add the garlics, stir

Add the spinach leafs, stir. When they get warm (as the picture shows) then add the beans. You can now add your pasta and mix everything carefully!

Serve with or without salmon! you can change this recipe and make it as you please, the garlics are a good foundation to make your favourite!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Delicious rhubarb pie // fantastisk rabarberpaj recept // pay de rebarbara

Happy Thursday!

We want to share this fantastic rhubarb pie recipe, so easy to make and it goes fast!

Spring is arriving to many places around the globe, if you are lucky the rhubarb is just starting to grow leafs in your garden, ´maybe not ready to pick yet so I got these lovely rhubarbs in the grocery store.

This pie looks great and tastes delicious. What we like more is that you don't have to spend time making the classic pie dough, you just garnish the rhubarb on top!

Mix all dry ingredients

Mix the rhubarb with the icing sugar and the Maizena (or similar)

Add the melted butter and the whipped egg white to the dry ingredients mix

Put the mix o top of the rhubarb

Its ready when the pie is golden brown and the rhubarbs are soft!

Serve with vanilla sauce or ice cream, yummy!
Recipe for 4-6:
8 rhubarbs // rabarber / rebarbara
1,25 DL Sugar // socker // azucar
1,25 DL crude sugar // råsocker // azucar semirrefinado
2,5 DL flour // mjöl // harina
1 teaspoon baking soda // bakpulver // levadura en polvo
2 teaspoon vanilla sugar // vanliljsocker // azucar de vainilla
0,5 teaspoon salt // salt // sal
100 g melted butter //smält smör // mantequilla
1 egg white lightly whipped //lätt vispad äggvita // clara de huevo batida un poco
 Put in oven for 20-35 minutes in 180 C or 356 F

Saturday, April 18, 2015

What to see in Pompeii, Italy

What is really Pompeii?

I can't describe the feeling. I came to this well preserved city, an afternoon in December, and I was completely amazed over the size and layout of it. It's an absolutely huge city! you basically need a map to not get lost. It was built 500 B.C and then suddenly destroyed by the volcano Vesuvius year 79 A.C. It was not until around 1750 where the city was re-discovered and the long journey to dig it out of the ashes begun.

Street, after street in straight lines, walls, buildings, counters, mosaic covered floors and walls, commercials imprinted on the walls, water supply system, the list is endless.

I walked the streets, almost alone since it was off season, which I can highly recommend. Pompeii off season gives you the chance to really explore and feel the energy of this ancient city. It gives you the time to study everything that this site has to offer and its really telling a story, you just need to feel it.

I can easily say, that I would go back any day. This city captured my heart and is absolutely stunning.

One warning about Pompeii thought, you will take billions of pictures of stones, which is endlessly boring for family and friends to watch after you come home from your trip. I have also a billion of pictures of Pompeii, and I choose to just show a few here, let us know if you would like to see more pictures!

And yes, another warning. While they was releasing the city from it's ashes they discovered rooms, like wholes, created by people and animals that where victims in the break out of the volcano. What as been done is that they simply pored plaster into the wholes they found and out came shapes of humans and animals. It can be disturbing to see but I included one dog below, just so you know.

Streets, houses and stairs, it just goes on and on and on...

Beautiful yard
Wall painting and you can also see the store counter with bowls to keep things in them
Imagine to have this view of a beautiful tree from inside the house

On a rainy day it can be good to escape the water by crossing the streets on these stones

Dog made of plaster

Thirsty, anyone?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This is us, welcome to our blog!

Once again we want to say hello to all our readers and also to the ones who will read us in the nearest and the fare future

We are a couple of young guys here, that we love to travel and cooking, and we would like to show you our experiences in the restaurants we have been and the places that we have visited

Sometimes you will find recipes here of good food as Pat is a Head chef in a restaurant in Sweden and has been Head chef of lots of restaurants around the world he can bring you experiences of good food and good wines and also restaurants that he has been eating there  so maybe in your future you can visit,

Asa is the a traveler as me , she loves good food good pics and specially will bring you the taste of what she has done in her travels,  she will recommend you also restaurants and also the best beaches and  places to visit and of course she will share you the best pics that she makes with her cam,  and of course some recipes that are coming from her grandma!


hope you can enjoy it and don’t hesitate write in our posts so we can answer your questions ,

you can follow us on instagram, twitter, and trip advisor.

WELCOME!  AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Best creole shrimp recipe // Creole räkor // Camarones al creole

This recipe is amazing, the result is an fantastic creole shrimp that you can serve with rice as an example. The recipe is in spanish but translate to you language by using the function to the right in this blog!

  • 1 kilo camarones (langostinos) preferiblemente grandes
  •  60 gramos mantequilla
  •  1 taza cebolla picada fina
  •  1/2 taza apio picado fino
  •  3/4 taza chile dulce verde picado fino
  •  3 cdas. perejil picado fino
  •  1 hoja laurel
  •  1/4 cta. pimienta negra
  •  1/2 cta. polvo de chile o gotas tabasco
  •  1/4 cta. pimienta blanca ­
  •  1 1/2 ctas. sal
  •  1 1/2 ctas. azúcar
  •  1 1/2 latas pasta tomate
  •  1 1/2 tazas tomate pelado y picado
  •  3 tazas caldo camarones
  •  1 cta. vinagre
  •  1 cda. harina

  • Pelar y lavar bien los camarones (langostinos). Hervirlos en 4 tazas de agua con sal, 1 hoja laurel, jugo de limón, 1 cebolla con 4 clavos de olor clavados en la cebolla. 
  • Cuando los camarones (langostinos) cambien a un tono rosado y comiencen a enroscarse, apartar del calor, colar y reservar el caldo. 
  • Cocinar en la mantequilla cebolla, apio, chile, perejil, laurel, tomate picado, pimientas, chile en polvo o gotas tabasco, sal, azúcar y vinagre. 
  • Al suavizar las verduras agregar pasta de tomate, harina diluida en las 3 tazas del caldo de los camarones (langostinos) y dejar cocer durente 15 minutos. 
  • Luego de hervir la salsa agregar los camarones (langostinos) y dejar hervir unos minutos más.servir de inmediato, preferiblemente con arroz blanco. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Top 3 Bonifacio Corsica

Soon 2 years have passed since I visited Bonifacio, located on the south tip of Corsica. Actually me and a friend did a long trip that summer that consisted of Sardinia- Corsica- Northern Italy - France with several stop on each location. It was an amazing trip with a lot of laughter and fun. Since summer is arriving in the Mediterranean I will share the best snapshots with you for inspiration.

Anyway, if you are visiting Corsica you need to visit Bonifacio. It's a charming small village with amazing view. Actually we came by boat from Sardinia so we could see the top of the city while arriving to harbour.

Speaking about the harbour, the private boats stopping by at this harbor are size mega-enormous. I have never ever seen such large boats ever before. This indicates that Bonifacio is a popular stop for people that want to enjoy their super-mega-large boats and spend some money on fancy dinners and drinks. However there are plenty of options for you with a normal traveling budget too, so don't worry.

Top 3 Bonifacio is:
-Go on top of the city and have a look down at the harbour and all mega-super-size boats
-While on top of Bonifacio, park you car and visit the absolutely amazing cemetery
-Have a stroll in the old village and enjoy a nice lunch or why not try some Italian ice cream

Spotting Bonifacio while arriving by boat from Sardinia

 The beautiful cemetary on top of the hill of Bonifacio

So beautiful

Harbour view

Pictures from inside the village

One thing about Corsica in general is that there is a complete lack of taxi cars, and if you manage to get one it will cost you quite a lot. So make sure to rent a car and discover the island your own way.

When it comes to Bonifacio there is parking in the harbour and on the top of the hill.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Santa Maria Cape Verde

No stress - That's the mantra for this city.

The city is quite small, and offers a small number of stores but more restaurants. The beaches at Santa Maria are vast and beautiful, and it's far from crowded.

Apart from discovering the different restaurants from food and drinks it's wort to get up early to see the fisherman's come back to the pier with their catch.

There is a lot of dogs in this city, a majority of them has a owner but they are all loose, enjoying their life at the beach. It's an fantastic feeling to see them running free along the beach, or enjoying  a good rest in the shadow. This must be dog heaven :)

Colorful houses in Santa Maria
A man with a tuna fish for his restaurant
Fresh tuna!

Street of Santa Maria

Dogs looking what they can get from a couple

Blue water and amazing beaches