Thursday, March 19, 2015

Next Stop: Cape Verde!

Next week we will be off to Cape Verde, a group of islands outside the west coast of Africa.

We look forward to the beach, sunny weather, explore the islands and to meet the local people.
When it comes to food culture we are expecting to enjoy a lot of seafood! Fisherman's comes back to shore early every morning to sell what they did capture during the night.

Meanwhile our visit to Cape Verde, we will  share some fantastic seafood recipes as inspiration.

Anyone that already been to Cape Verde? Let us know your experience!

The picture is from a previous travel to Portugal, that we will tell you more about later. But since it's the same ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, that we will dip our toes in and the same language, Portuguese, that is spoken at both locations we thought the picture could represent our coming trip to Cape Verde ;) 

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