Saturday, March 5, 2016

Easy tasty vegan paleo dinner // Lättlagad god vegan och paleomiddag

What do you do when you are an I-eat-everything-and-too-often-I-eat-pasta-person and you will have your dear friends over for dinner and they wish a mix of vegan and paleo dinner? First you panic but then you realize that google will save you.The dinner consisted of tacos, which is a good alternative since you can pick what you would like to eat. And actually it was not too difficult, just to find the special coconut sugar and other specific ingredients took some time in the store but the actual cooking was ok :)

This was the full menu, including links to all recipes: (soon all links will be updated)
-Plantain (kokbanan) & black beans tacos as main main dish LINK
-Walnut & avocado pesto taco as main dish
-Guacamole LINK, cilantro sauce and nachos as extras
-Avocado chocolate mousse as dessert LINK
-Cabbage chips as snacks
-Sparkling wine & non alcoholic rose for drinks (below)

This was a great menu and all guest were satisfied, even me that usually don't eat all vegan, it was delicious!  But keep in mind, and we also discussed this at dinner, That don't expect a avocado chocolate mousse to taste exactly like a cream based chocolate mousse, becuase it is not the same.

I have experienced that many recipes and blogs etc post their home made veggie chips, raw food balls, and substitute chocolate desserts and you can read that it's delicious, always delicious. But it will never taste the same as you favourite main stream chocolate cake or candy. So be prepared for that but keep exploring and trying out different foods and healthier choices!

All dishes took up the full table!

Avocado chocolate mousse

My favourite budget sparkling wine (prosecco)  all times, La Robinia Prosecco. And the non alcohol N2, a mild rose', preferably served with a frozen berry in the glass.

The sauces that I served for this dinner to add some extra spice to it :)

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