Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Walk in Stockholm Nature // Hellasgården på vintern

If you are in Stockholm and you want to truly get an nature experience we can recommend Hellasgården. Here is the link to their web page where you can find all information you need in English!
You can rent skates etc if its winter, you can walk on the ice, in the forest and if its summer you can swim in the lake! There are plenty of maps to show you around, just remember to dress properly! A winter day like this sneakers will not be enough. We had it but your feet's get cold. Make sure you have proper shoes, gloves and something to warm you head and ears!
Get a sneak peak of what it can look like during the winter.
We were hungry so our goal was just to find a nice and safe spot to make a fire to have a barbecue!

One warmer day the snow was melting, creating this ice now completely freeze since its cold again. So beautiful with the shapes of nature.

For Pat that has spend the majority of his life in Mexico, he had never experienced walking in a forest or having picnic (!!) when we met. Now living in Stockholm, we can truly experience the nature, here is a snap shot of Pat in - the forest ;)
We climbed the hills and got a great view over the frozen lake and in the distance you can see Globen - a Stockholm arena

People enjoying the nice weather, skating on the ice

Linda, me and Pat doing hot dog on a stick barbecue! You are allowed to make a fire, but you need to make sure that it's safe, will not spread or damage the ground. When you are done you need to make sure that the fire and heat is out and when you leave the place there should be no traces of the fire.

Sell, Pat and Linda, the full Sunday picnic crew! (And me behind the camera)

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