Thursday, April 2, 2015

Trip guide Cape Verde // reseguide Kap Verde // guia de turistas cabo verde

We are back from Cape Verde! It was a fantastic relaxing trip to the island Sal with a lot of beach life and dinners of lobster and other mixed sea food. Cape Verde is a group of islands and next time we will make a round trip to the other islands as well that all offers different climates and things to do and see.

Sal is however a fairly dry island, not much vegetation and its very popular among kite surfers for the constant winds. The weather in march was very good, 23-25 degrees during the day and 20 during the night.

The people where very friendly, and it felt safe everywhere we went. Even when we got got off road in the desert with our jeep and ended up in very ruff townships when trying to reach a decent road, it felt quite safe.

Trip guide Cape Verde (click the links):
Best Restautant Santa Maria Cape Verde
Santa Maria and the beaches
Pedra de Lume
Buracona and the Blue eye

Below are some snapshots of the highlights from our vacation.

Salt mines at Pedra de Lume

Lobster fresh from the sea

Fantastic endless beaches

Turtles comes to lay their eggs on the beaches of Sal

Beaches, beaches, beaches...

 Catch of the day

Snapshot from Santa Maria

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