Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ancient astronauts Mexico // Antika astronauter i Mexico

National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City is a must see if you are there. You can see the most famous artwork and ancient artifacts under one roof.

After this visit to the museum we had hundreds of pictures of stonework, it's the same experience as when I was in Pompeii. You take so many pictures of amazing sculptures, walls and remaining and you cant wait to show you family and friends. But when you load them to the computer and scroll through them you realize that its just a bunch of pictures of different stone/clay statues, stone walls, clay/stone artifacts, pottery etc.

So, I have tried to pick out the very most interesting for you to see :) And Lets begin with a touch of ancient aliens.

This stone artifact (I think its Olmec, which lived in Mexico around 1500-400 BC) is placed in the museum so you can walk around it and see the front and the back.

On the front you have the picture of a human with a lot of things going on around him. What is more thrilling for ancient alien believers is the "helmet", the "breathing device" under his nose, the "handle" and the "fire" under him. If you have imagination, he could be sitting in a space craft.

Thinking from another perspective, he could simply sit on a throne, holding up a chain (?), playing a flute or smoking (?) and have his crown of kingdom on top of his head. What do think?

The backside is filled with text, I wish I could read it...

What could have inspired them to do this stone inscriptions and what story does it tell?

Another super popular space traveler is Mayan ruler Pacal, that took the throne over the Mayan in the early 600 AC at the age of 12 and ruled for 68 years, until he took his rocket and flew out in space?

The picture where many interpret him sitting in a space ship is actually the cover/lid over his tomb. It's super tricky to see it clearly at the museum (my pic below) so I found you a more visible picture from the Internet also.

This is a much more better picture of you too look at, to the left you see a close up of the artistic work on the stone block, and a creative interpretation to the right :) What do you think?

Source of picture

If the tome lid inscription and the stone on the top is at least 1000 years apart, why do they have such a similar look and feel? Where did they get the inspiration from?

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