Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Walk on top of the Mexico City Cathedral tour // Uppe på taket på Mexico Citys katedral

One of the slightly crazy things (this would never be allowed from a security point of view in the US as an example) you have to do if ever in Mexico City is to take a walk on the top of the cathedral! Its absolutely amazing, the view is top notch, the only requirement is that you need to be able to climb a narrow stair all the way to the top and not be afraid if the always leaning and moving cathedral will break apart. But if you are fine with that its so worth it! 20 pesos per person , and you buy the ticket inside the cathedral.

Here comes a full bunch of pictures!

Our amazing guide that holds the tours and rings the bells every hour... by hand!

Me on top of the cathedral :)

You can see the remaining of the Templo Mayor down to the left

The guide waiting with patient for all the slow tourists...

Many steps during hundreds and hundreds of years have shaped the stair...

The bells are all manual, and this particular one they normally don't use. It has killed to many, that's why it has a red cross on it. When swinging it it has unfortunately knocked people out the opening falling down to the ground.

Here the guide shows an example of how he swing the ones without rope. He started of just pushing the bell, and when it got speed he gave it more weight by pulling it down as you see on the picture by holding the wood. What you don't see in this picture is that he actually held on when the bell came back, so he went up in the air with the bell, letting go of the ground, to generate more power to get the bell to ring once. All of us watching didn't expect that and we all went "OHHHHH" thinking that this was that last we would see of him. But he was alright, and we were shocked.

Here you can see them in action, ringing the bells every hour! We took these pictures from the site of Templo Mayor, maximizing the capacity of the camera zoom :)

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