Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vikings, water, ice and Sweden! // Vikingar, vatten, is och Sverige!

I love walks, and today Stockholm gave us nice weather and a few degrees above 0 Celsius, the birds were singing and the wind warm. Normally February can be extremely cold, but sometimes the winter in Stockholm can be cold, sometimes warm.

I got a new phone so I had to try out the camera, and once I start to take pictures I can't stop! I see all sort of nice scenery's, details and thinks that could be on a picture.

Today we took a walk in the park of Karlberg. Enjoy!


Rune stone from 1000 AC. It's a snake going around a christian cross. I searched some info and the text on this stone sais:

+ anutr + auk × þorkiRsl × þaiR × lRtu × rasa × stain × ifR + askaut +
which can be read as: Anundr ok Þorgisl þæiR letu ræisa stæin æftiR Asgaut.
which means in normal Swedish: "Anund och Torgils de läto resa stenen efter Åsgöt."

Translated to english: Anund (name) and Torgils (name) they let to raise this stone after Åsgöt (name)


The Castle of Karlberg

A memory after a executioner...

Sometimes I see so much beautiful features in what is considered not so beautiful

Snow and ice is melting everywhere
Ice, ice baby

Hello from the inside!

Old meets new

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