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Best restaurants Santa Maria Cape Verde // bästa restaurangerna santa maria kap verde // mejores restaurantes santa maria cabo verde

First thing: Do not book an all inclusive hotels when going to Cape Verde, these islands offer so much fresh sea food and why go so far when you only want to end up within the walls of an hotel?

There are quite many restaurants in Santa Maria, and you can see all the one's we have rated on tripadvisor HERE

One this to be aware of as an tourist in Cape Verde, is that there is a risk to get sick from water and food. Therefor we have sincerely provided our personal warning for one restaurant that was top rated on tripadvisor, where we actually got sick from the poor sanity in the restaurant kitchen. However, we can recommend two restaurants where we felt safe and the both the service and food was very high quality

For drinks, we recommend the local beer Strela (light, refreshing beer) and the white Cha wine from one of the Cape Verde island Fogo.

The top 2 restaurants are Atlantis and Barracuda.

Atlantis has wonderful sea food, fresh lobsters (provided by their own fisherman!), great service, nice locations on the beach, what more can we ask for? This place is also perfect for lunch since they have also lighter options available. This restaurant actually gave the absolute best service that we could experience on the island.

Barracuda is also located on the beach, the atmosphere is slightly more loud during the nights than Atlantis, but still very nice. The owners is a couple where the wife is the head chef and the husband manage the restaurant service. Very friendly, the chef wife comes out among the guests to ask for feedback, we enjoyed every visit!

The Cha wine is available as red and white wine, and our favourite was absolutely the white. We also learned that the white comes in two types, and the original/old one that you see on the picture was the favourite

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