Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Santa Maria Cape Verde

No stress - That's the mantra for this city.

The city is quite small, and offers a small number of stores but more restaurants. The beaches at Santa Maria are vast and beautiful, and it's far from crowded.

Apart from discovering the different restaurants from food and drinks it's wort to get up early to see the fisherman's come back to the pier with their catch.

There is a lot of dogs in this city, a majority of them has a owner but they are all loose, enjoying their life at the beach. It's an fantastic feeling to see them running free along the beach, or enjoying  a good rest in the shadow. This must be dog heaven :)

Colorful houses in Santa Maria
A man with a tuna fish for his restaurant
Fresh tuna!

Street of Santa Maria

Dogs looking what they can get from a couple

Blue water and amazing beaches

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