Saturday, April 18, 2015

What to see in Pompeii, Italy

What is really Pompeii?

I can't describe the feeling. I came to this well preserved city, an afternoon in December, and I was completely amazed over the size and layout of it. It's an absolutely huge city! you basically need a map to not get lost. It was built 500 B.C and then suddenly destroyed by the volcano Vesuvius year 79 A.C. It was not until around 1750 where the city was re-discovered and the long journey to dig it out of the ashes begun.

Street, after street in straight lines, walls, buildings, counters, mosaic covered floors and walls, commercials imprinted on the walls, water supply system, the list is endless.

I walked the streets, almost alone since it was off season, which I can highly recommend. Pompeii off season gives you the chance to really explore and feel the energy of this ancient city. It gives you the time to study everything that this site has to offer and its really telling a story, you just need to feel it.

I can easily say, that I would go back any day. This city captured my heart and is absolutely stunning.

One warning about Pompeii thought, you will take billions of pictures of stones, which is endlessly boring for family and friends to watch after you come home from your trip. I have also a billion of pictures of Pompeii, and I choose to just show a few here, let us know if you would like to see more pictures!

And yes, another warning. While they was releasing the city from it's ashes they discovered rooms, like wholes, created by people and animals that where victims in the break out of the volcano. What as been done is that they simply pored plaster into the wholes they found and out came shapes of humans and animals. It can be disturbing to see but I included one dog below, just so you know.

Streets, houses and stairs, it just goes on and on and on...

Beautiful yard
Wall painting and you can also see the store counter with bowls to keep things in them
Imagine to have this view of a beautiful tree from inside the house

On a rainy day it can be good to escape the water by crossing the streets on these stones

Dog made of plaster

Thirsty, anyone?

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