Saturday, April 25, 2015

Snapshot from Pont en Royance, France


Make your favourite cup of coffee or tea, relax and feel the calm on this Saturday in late April.

This picture is taken in Pont en Royance, a small village in south of France. I walked the alleys of the village and passed this lovely old man, dressed very neatly, and he was smiling, he was relaxed.

He stood in the opening of his door, I gave him a smile back, we exchanged no words but our smiles was a silent greeting.

I continued walking and I heard voices behind me, the old man stopped 4 others, for a conversation. Obviously he knew that I, in my leather jacket and converse was not likely someone that was speaking French, so the smile was sufficient to spread his positive energy. But the group of 4 was French so he invited them for a conversation.

I don't know what he was telling them, but they stayed for a while. Often there is a charm in the unknown, what you don't understand.

Be curious, pay attanetion to the small events in life, they will become big memories for you.
I like this picture, capturing the unknown, the man nicely dressed, talking to strangers in this classic French village, this picture in France in a nutshell.

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