Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Top 3 Bonifacio Corsica

Soon 2 years have passed since I visited Bonifacio, located on the south tip of Corsica. Actually me and a friend did a long trip that summer that consisted of Sardinia- Corsica- Northern Italy - France with several stop on each location. It was an amazing trip with a lot of laughter and fun. Since summer is arriving in the Mediterranean I will share the best snapshots with you for inspiration.

Anyway, if you are visiting Corsica you need to visit Bonifacio. It's a charming small village with amazing view. Actually we came by boat from Sardinia so we could see the top of the city while arriving to harbour.

Speaking about the harbour, the private boats stopping by at this harbor are size mega-enormous. I have never ever seen such large boats ever before. This indicates that Bonifacio is a popular stop for people that want to enjoy their super-mega-large boats and spend some money on fancy dinners and drinks. However there are plenty of options for you with a normal traveling budget too, so don't worry.

Top 3 Bonifacio is:
-Go on top of the city and have a look down at the harbour and all mega-super-size boats
-While on top of Bonifacio, park you car and visit the absolutely amazing cemetery
-Have a stroll in the old village and enjoy a nice lunch or why not try some Italian ice cream

Spotting Bonifacio while arriving by boat from Sardinia

 The beautiful cemetary on top of the hill of Bonifacio

So beautiful

Harbour view

Pictures from inside the village

One thing about Corsica in general is that there is a complete lack of taxi cars, and if you manage to get one it will cost you quite a lot. So make sure to rent a car and discover the island your own way.

When it comes to Bonifacio there is parking in the harbour and on the top of the hill.

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