Friday, April 24, 2015

Easy salmon and spinach pasta // enkel lax och spenat pasta // pasta salmon facil

A super fast pasta recipe that are perfect to make anytime during the day when you are hungry, for just you or for many, put the amount of the ingredients as you wish! Perfect dish to make during he weekend when you need something fast.

Recipe for 2:
2 file of salmon // laxfileer // filete de salmon
sunflower Oil // rapsolja // aceite normal
6 garlic cloves // vitlöksklyftor // dientes de ajo
Spinach leafs // spenatblad // hojas de espinacas
green soybeans // gröna sojabönor //soja habichuela

If you wish salmon, put the files in a pan and fry them on both sides. Put spices as you wish, we used salt, pepper, red pepper powder and garlic powder. You can frie them completely in the pan or put them in the oven in the end.

Slice the garlics in thin slices, heat the oil (not too warm!)  in the pan and put the garlics there for a while. Then add the spinach, stir around until the spinach is warm and then add the beans. Now you can add your pasta and mix everything.
Slice the garlic and prepare the ingredients you want to have in addition to the garlic

Heat the oil and add the garlics, stir

Add the spinach leafs, stir. When they get warm (as the picture shows) then add the beans. You can now add your pasta and mix everything carefully!

Serve with or without salmon! you can change this recipe and make it as you please, the garlics are a good foundation to make your favourite!

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