Sunday, January 24, 2016

Walking on ice in Sweden

Where we live, in Sweden, the lakes have been covered with ice for some time now since we are in the middle of the winter. We took a walk on the ice on the lake Brunnsviken in Stockholm City, for Pat it was a first time ever in life! I asked him to check the thickness of the ice from the dock ;)

So the ice was ok, and we walked on the safe areas. If you are not used to walk on ice you should not do it our self, but bring someone that knows how to secure the ice and knows how to act in a case of someone ends up in the water.

This day the snow was perfect for making a snowman, so we did. Apparently the technique we used was different, so Pat tried out how to make a big snowball in an easy (Swedish) way, ie roll it in different direction and it will grow bigger by it self. And it's good exercise, push it! ;)


So wherever you are in the world, remember that your surroundings and normal environment can be something completely new for someone else. Today was Pats first time walking on ice!

We found a snowman buddy on the ice, with apple eyes and a half guitar ;)

Ours didn't have eyes but was very well dressed with gloves, hat and a scarf ! And a little nose :)


  1. What lovely photos ... what holiday :-)
    Thanks for letting me look at these wonderful pictures :-) have a nice day!

    Resa till Kuba