Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tapioca pudding recept // tapioca pudding recipe // receta de tapioca

Tapioca was one of my favorite afternoon treats/deserts when I was a kid growing up in Mexico. I really enjoy the soft milky taste of vanilla and tapioca. I made this for my Swedish girlfriend and she did not really get the taste since she never tried it before, but she thought that kids would probably like it more :)

So what is really Tapioca? It's a starch extracted from the Cassava root, and very popular in Asia and south America in cooking. The extract of tapioca is gluten free and only contains carbohydrates. I found a good explanation of Tapioca HERE.

If you never tried it before, give it a shot and see what you think!

1 liter milk // mjölk // leche
3 eggs // ägg // huevos
3/4 cups or 1,5 DL sugar // socker // azucar
2 table spoon liquid vanilla extract // flytande vaniljextrakt // extracto de vanilla
4 tablespoon (big) tapioca

How to do it:
Heat the tapioca, sugar, vanilla extract and milk slowly and stir so the milk doesn't burn, stir until it starts to boil a little bit, then remove it from the heat. The tapioca pearls will never dissolve, they will just become a little bit bigger and softer during the process. Taste the mix do adjust the amount of vanilla extract. Of course you can change the vanilla to any other preferred extract.

Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks. Mix the egg yolks seperatly really well and mix some of the warm milk to really make sure that the egg yolks are dissolved. Put the mix back into the heated milk and stir.

Now put the pot outdoors a while to let it cool down, or if you can't do that just put it somewhere where it can get a bit cooler. When it's cooler put the tapioca milk in a big bowl. If the tapioca pearls got stuck in the bottom of the pot, just gently remove them from there and mix them before putting into you milk in the bowl.

Whip the egg whites really hard and fluffy. You will then put the egg whites into the tapioca milk. Either you just put all egg whites and try to stir a little bit so it can be wet from the milk. The egg whites will end up on top of the milk.

Or you take a spoon an put the egg whites piece by piece into the tapioca milk so it will become like egg white balls floating around.

Put the bowl in the fridge so it can get a bit thicker. Serve in smaller portion bowls as you wish.


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