Monday, January 4, 2016

Walk the streets of Shanghai with me

Hello all!

So let me bring you on a short walk on the streets of shanghai. Its afternoon and soon the night will come, enhancing all the street lights and neon signs. The pictures are from two different days and are all taken with my phone so they quality is so and so.

So this is the first day I came to Shanghai, jet lagged and hungry. It's afternoon and I start to explore the streets outside one of the main shopping streets Nanjing Road.

People, people and people :)

I remember on this street they were cooking  a special mushroom and the smell was horrible, but it's apparently a local niche delicatess.

Hip youngsters buying drinks in a small shop

The night pictures are from the last night I had in China, I just came back from Nanjing by train and took the subway to my hotel before going back to Sweden the next day. I changed from my white shirt and black pants and put shorts and a top on. I felt a bit tired and cold so I was happily wearing a grey scarf with starts on (in all colours you can imagine)  that I couldn't resist purchasing in one local market. I thought it looked "summerish" and very stylish. Well, I can say I haven't used it since this night in Shanghai. How come I buy clothes aboard that I never end up using at home? Anyhow. Here comes the pictures from that night strolling the streets alone.

Subway, can you see how long the train is? It's like never ending...

And some rain came and I felt like walking in an Asian action movie

Lights are common everywhere but you will get neon-overload on the main streets
I'm not a selfie queen but I had to proof that I actually was in Shanghai :)
Bamboo constructions outside a house

So, that was the few pictures I got from the streets. Talking about my grey scarf, I also bought a T-Shirt with a rabbit on and a rocker style shirt. Walking the streets all you see is black and white styles. Walking the streets in Asia you see all colours you can imagine and they LOVE T-shirts with prints. So I felt very inspired and got my rabbit T-shirt and used it on the flight home styled with the rocker shirt, open of course so you could see the rabbit. Haven't used that one either since the flight...

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