Thursday, January 7, 2016

Eat streetfood in Shanghai

Ok, first of all I just want to say that this visit to Shanghai was short, and most of my lunches and dinners was Mc Donald's or Kentucky fried Chicken in the car in between of meetings. We where several cultures that had to agree on the food and the local colleagues thought it was easy and exotic to go with fast food. Oh, I almost forgot the sea food where I tried the mud-tasting fish and a shrimp that did its lats nerve wracking movements when I cut it with my knife. Horrible experience.

The few nights I had in Shanghai was spent in the alleys trying to find local food. I was so happy when they actually considered the confused tourists and properly explained the menus in English...

So Burn a chick or the Dirty acid beans didn't really convince me so I tried other type of foods, just hoping it was pork, beef or chicken. From a hygienic point of view it felt safe that everything always was put on the the table with plastic wrap.

And drinking the lovely beer Tsingtao compensated for the Dirty Acid beans.

I think eating the street food is a much more fund experience than going to budget restaurants full of western food. And this been cost a fraction of the price compared to the main street restaurants.

So, just a few blocks away from a main street such as Nanjing Road you can find safe street food or small local restaurants with exiting and cheap food, so much more fun than pizza hut :)

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