Friday, January 8, 2016

Visit google campus in Silicon Valley

Hello all

Here comes a little bit different destination but I think it's worth mentioning because it surprised me a bit, in a positive way. I visit companies every now and then, but Google was far fetched. But suddenly life took me to google in October 2015 and here comes some picture! And yes, it can be worth going here if you are a true Google fan, you can walk around the campus and they also have a little "museum" and shop that you can visit.

Google is offering they employees bikes to use around the campus.

I could not resist the possibility to have a pic of me on one of the bikes. Can you be more happy on a bike?:)

I also tried to take a ride and the bike worked all right :)

They have a small park outside the Android building with some figures known from the business.

Donut anyone?

In the Google "museum" you can see some interesting things from the past of Google. Here is an example of how they were drawing the progress of Google when they first started. On this picture you can see that they started off to move to "Susan's House". Then you can see how they were drawing the number of searches made via Google search engine to be able to measure their success.

And the picture goes on and on and on... One this one where you see a sudden drop is because they changed scale because it couldn't fit in on the paper anymore

In the museum there is a lot more to see but I will not reveal it all here. Also the shop is very good for the one that is interested to buy, cups, T-shirts, bags, pens etc etc

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