Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Hello once again friends! from all the world!

Today we will talk about a new place in Cape Verde, well where is Cape Verde what they can offer and what you can do in this tiny place.

The place is a small island in front of Africa! in the Atlantic  the travel from Sweden to Cape Verde was 9 hours in Airplane, with a small brake in Canary islands Spain,

When we arrive in the car we saw lots lots of dessert and only one road that takes you to the city center, The place when we saw it was quite interesting ! you could see from one side the sea and other side some type of mountains that were  quite interesting.

When we arrive to the hotel we decided to go to the beach, i can say the beach was awesome calm relax and not so plenty people as usually typical beaches in the world has,  usually a typical beach can have thousands of people no space even to lay down to have a nice relax sun bath but here you have a hole hole hole place  for you to sit and change  and  relax!

So came the hour to eat something. and well we heard they were some places good to eat we try few of them and well they were ok but  nothing special only 2 restaurants in the island we can recommend you 100% one of them is BARRACUDA and the other one called ATLANTIS.

today we will talk about atlantis ! but also what more you can do in Cape Verde , the restaurant Atlantis has the most fresh  LOBSTER  everyday they bring fresh lobsters that are cooked in the grill , We can say that the taste of freshness of the Lobster is wonderfull plus is very cheap for 2 lobsters i can say yo pay like 5 dollars ! around 7 euro , The service is good not excellent but very friendly,  and well we can say that is a very very clean place.  here are 2 pictures if the restaurant food and how looks outside if you wish to go once to SAL CAPE VERDE

To do well you can rent a car and run the island! there are some nice places like to see the  blue hole in the eat side of the island and well also to take the adventure to ride your car in the dessert that is quite fun and challenging!  also you can have walks in the city not at night because lots of guys are in the city trying to catch girls  but I can say that  is quite nice place to have a relax and forget about the world work problems and sometimes life!.

here is in the  pics of the restaurant an the nice lobsters if you have questions don't doubt to ask ! here it goes!

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