Saturday, May 23, 2015

Boats of Vikings in the city of Stockholm, Sweden

About 1000 years AC the people in the Nordic countries where often called Vikings. You might picture them with beard and helmets with horns on. Actually the viking ladies where quite active too in that society and often came with the men's when it was time to explore the surroundings

Their writing is called runes
And yes did they explore, sometimes it was not only to trade items since the is are proof that Vikings actually invaded cities and houses and took whatever they could find.

One success in their mobility is that they managed to build ships, both with and without sails. These ships could take them all the way to the Mediterranean.

In the city of Stockholm on the island of Skeppsholmen there is actually a place where you can take a class to learn how to build your own boat, and when we took a stroll there last weekend they obviously had a viking theme going!

It's amazing how they managed to build these boats, and we can only guess how many hours is spent on each boat.



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