Monday, May 11, 2015

What to see and do in Grenoble, France

"Little Italy" in Grenoble 

Grenoble is a very diverse city in France, unlike any other city it's one of the more international cities with the universities and global companies with offices there. Each month new people visit and move to Grenoble, but surprisingly there is very hard to find information what to see and do.

View up on fort Bastille 

I have been one of those, I lived there for 6 months and had to learn the hard way. Here comes a Grenoble guide to help you out:

What to do in Grenoble on a Sunday
Best restaurants in Grenoble (link soon to be activated)
Grenoble city guide (link soon to be activated)
What to see and do outside or close to Grenoble  (link soon to be activated)

View over the river passing through Grenoble 

How to find friends in Grenoble? If you are searching for friends in Grenoble I can recommend Happy People 38 that announce their activities on Facebook or  Internations that is a global community active in many cities and countries. Click the links to reach their sites. I can highly recommend both of them!

Local food market 

If you have additional recommendations about Grenoble that you would like to share just leave a comment to this post!

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