Sunday, May 10, 2015

Easy aioli recipe // Enkelt aioli recept // Receta de Aioli facil

There are thousands of recipes of how to make your own aioli, they claim they are simple but this one is actually even more simple! We promise! No adding olive oil drop by drop, here you just add everything at once and mix!

Aioli goes well to seafood like shrimps or soup, but it's also a popular side dish during the barbecue season. So, instead of purchasing an expensive aioli in the supermarket, that also contains scary add-ons to make it last longer, make your one in just a few minutes!

Ingredients basic aioli (2-3 people)
1 egg // ägg // huevo
Olive oil (slightly more than the full volume of the egg) // Olivolja // aceite de oliva
2 garlics cloves // vitlöksklyftor // diented de ajo
Salt // Salt // Sal
Black Pepper // Peppar // Pimienta
Red paprika powder // paprika pulver // especia de paprika

How to do:
Put the egg and slightly more olive oil (all at once) than the egg into a bowl. Mix with a mixer.
When the egg and olive oil is mixed, add the garlics, salt, pepper and red pepper power, continue until the garlics are completely mixed.

one egg and olive oil ( slightly more than the volume of the egg)

 Add garlic, salt, pepper and red paprika powder, mix!

Done! Its so easy!

If you are not happy with the thickness of the aioli, just add more olive oil (all at once) and mix again.

And of course you can experiment do add, chili, lime or whatever touch you would like to have on your homemade aioli.

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