Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Care for your herbs and sallad

We have a small project going on here at home where we want to take better care of our fresh herbs. Since we live in an apartment we can benefit from growing things in a garden but we do have a balcony where we could grow a few things.

Also we consume a lot of fresh herbs and salads, and I mean a lot. We do like everyone else, buy the pot of fresh herbs in the grocery store, consume it and then toss it away. Which feels like a waste in both product and money.

So, we are doing two trials here at home.

First, we got the set "Fröer" from IKEA as a gift so we have put seeds of Coriander and red Chili that now hopefully will grow. When they are big enough they will move out on the balcony, meanwhile they are placed inside in the window.

The set comes with two mini boxes where you plant your seeds

Second, we are trying to give a normal pot of consumed crisp green salad a second chance, rumors says it should grow back with some sun and water.

Lets see how it goes!


  1. Heja er!!!!
    Nu kan det vara så att (är ganska säker) att just sallad inte kommer att växa upp igen. När man så i landet ska man så nytt vart eftersom man skördar. Med andra örter går det bättre. Dock vill de komma till ny jord och då är det viktigt att man delar på rötterna mitt i tu så att plantan kan ta till sig den nya jorden. Lycka till!