Friday, May 8, 2015

Must see in Stockholm Sweden during summer // Beridna högvakten 2015

The city of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden hides many treasures during summer. The city is surrounded by water and the different parts of the city center all have their separate charms.

There is plenty of museums, locations, restaurants and bars to visit, but there is one activity which is absolutely stunning if you happen to see it.

During summer the military of Sweden swap the guards at the royal castle every now and then by riding from the stable, through the city center, to the royal castle.

 They stop traffic and create somewhat delay in the normal order but if you happen to stroll the street and suddenly start to hear march drums and music playing I promise you that it's worth the small chaos it creates.

So why hope to see this small event when you can plan it! The military have a schedule and a map for you to know when they will take their horses to the royal castle. Either you wait by one of the streets in the city or you take your position at the royal castle to see them come and look at their swap of guards, which is a small performance itself.

They have a website and a schedule, which is in Swedish, but you see the dates and time slots and a small map HERE

At the website you see "Avmarsch från Kavallerikasern" which is when they leave the stable, different times depending if it is a weekend or a weekday. And "Vaktavlösning vid Slottet" is when they aim to reach the royal castle to perform the swap.

Here comes a short video for you to get an idea of what this is all about, in this video they have already arrived at the royal castle:

And I found this one that we absolutely have to share, this is a more arrange show by the military playing music. If you happen to know the Swedish house group Swedish House Mafia you will be incredible impressed, this gave me chills!

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